New GPI-2 release (v1.3.0)

A new release of GPI-2 is available for download (v1.3.0).

This release includes:

  • Add new GASPI spec functionality
    • gaspi_segment_bind
    • gaspi_segment_use
    • gaspi_queue_create/delete
  • Add dynamic connections (GASPI_TOPOLOGY_DYNAMIC)
  • Add more error codes and parameter checking
  • Faster initialization (gaspi_proc_init)
  • Add GASPI statistics (libGPI2-stats)
  • Add some extensions (not in GASPI spec)
    • gaspi_proc_ping
    • gaspi_segment_avail_local
  • Several fixes and clean-ups

To download it please click here.

Happy GPI-2 hacking!

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