New GPI-2 release (v1.4.0)

A new release of GPI-2 is available for download (v1.4.0).

This release includes:


  • SLURM support
  • Auto-tools based build system
  • Clean-up of GPU support
  • Implement GASPI_QUEUE_FULL
  • Implement gaspi_read_notify, gaspi_read_list_notify
  • Support for connect-ib (atomics) with Infiniband extensions
  • GASPI spec compliance
    • queue_depth -> queue_size_max
    • add gaspi_passive_transfer_size_min
    • gaspi_segment_create more spec-compliant: establish communication infrastructure (STATIC)
  • Remove restricition of 255 elements for gaspi_allreduce operations
  • Statistics for segment related functions
  • configurability (gaspi_config_t):
    • elems in allreduce
    • device options:
      • tcp: port
      • ib: device, mtu, port check
    • sn persistent
    • sn timeout
  • Add further tests, remove some redundant ones


  • Fix maximum transfer size issues
  • Fix issues on large-scale
  • Fix timeout on topology broadcast
  • SN: exponential backoff delay
  • SN: simplify events handling
  • SN: use an allgather for collective operations (e.g. gaspi_segment_create)
  • TCP shutdown and clean-up
  • Memory and resources leaks
  • Other small fixes
  • Several refactorings for less duplication and better readability.

Happy GPI-2 hacking!

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