New GPI-2 release (v1.5.0)

A new version of GPI-2 (v1.5.0) is available.

This release includes:


  • Add support for PowerPC architecture (ppc64).
  • Add support for arm64 architecture.
  • Add support for zero size messages.
  • Remove timing and warning messages in gaspi_run.


  • Move version numbering to own header which is made public (GPI2_VERSION.h)
  • Remove gaspi_machine_type function and references


  • Remove source and build files of tests and microbenchmarks from installation.
  • Update infiniband configuration macro
  • Set -libverbs directly in the devices macro file.
  • Fix problem(s) with the (installed) test binaries for lib*.so
  • Add host cpu architecture to final configuration output.
  • Look in /lib when user specificies a path for for the infiniband option.
  • Fix GPI2.pc: add missing line.
  • Fix build: use LIBS instead of LDFLAGS for libibverbs.


  • Fix locking in case of error of gaspi_queue_create.
  • Hackfix: kill also binaries with lt-* prefix to allow proper interruption
  • Fix tests that relied on the assumption that minimal communication is 1 byte.
  • Fix batch/interactive jobs in slurm, make machinefile optional.
  • Fix gaspi_set_config: only set user_net paramater if network has been changed.
  • Init: check right at begin if already initialized.
  • sn: use poll() instead of select() to wait for connections.


  • Update README:
    • Some documentation on how to use GPUdirectRDMA.
    • Usage of tests and microbenchmarks.
    • Information for shared libraries usage.
    • Update information on usage of Infiniband extensions.
  • Add a script example for SGE.
  • Improve Slurm submission script.

General clean-ups and minor refactorings.

Happy GPI-2 hacking!

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