New GPI-2 release (v1.5.1)

A new version of GPI-2 (v1.5.1) is available.

This release includes:


  • Add small improvements to the macro config for checkign Infiniband device.
  • Stop configuration if MPI is requested but not present.
  • Fix ibverbs configuration problem.


  • Automatic selection of a working IB device.
  • Set GASPI_MAX_NUMAS to 16 and return error in libGPI2.
  • Delete only queues above a limit greater than eight in test.
  • Fix clean up of queues in gaspi_proc_term.
  • Allows larger count of devices (netdev_id) up to 4.
  • Fix bug in queue verification macro.
  • Remove constraint of having at least one queue.
  • Add test to check error of waiting on a deleted queue.
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