New GPI-2 release (v1.2.0)

A new release of GPI-2 is available for download (v1.2.0).

This release aims mainly at including the support for Ethernet. This means one can now run GPI-2 applications on systems equipped with Infiniband or Ethernet.
The main focus of the support for Ethernet is to provide the possibility to develop and test a GPI-2 application on a low-end system (e.g. development workstation) and then later execute it on a high-end, parallel system with Infiniband.

Installing GPI-2 on a system with Ethernet-only is as simple as:

./ -p <path_where_to_install> --with-ethernet

Note that, by default, the installation script will build GPI-2 for Infiniband  as the preferred, high-performance interconnect. This corresponds to:

./ -p <path_where_to_install> --with-infiniband

Happy GPI-2 hacking!

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