GPI-2  1.0.0
gaspi_config Struct Reference

A structure with configuration. More...

#include <GASPI.h>

Public Attributes

gaspi_uint logger
 flag to set logging
gaspi_uint net_info
 flag to set network information display
gaspi_uint netdev_id
 the network device to use
gaspi_uint mtu
 the MTU value to use
gaspi_uint port_check
 flag to whether to perform a network check
gaspi_uint user_net
gaspi_network_t net_typ
 network type
gaspi_uint queue_depth
 the queue depth (size) to use
gaspi_uint qp_count
 the number of queues to use
gaspi_number_t group_max
gaspi_number_t segment_max
gaspi_size_t transfer_size_max
gaspi_number_t notification_num
gaspi_number_t passive_queue_size_max
gaspi_number_t passive_transfer_size_max
gaspi_size_t allreduce_buf_size
gaspi_number_t allreduce_elem_max
gaspi_number_t build_infrastructure

Detailed Description

A structure with configuration.

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